Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012, Longlist Aryani Banerjee

Then Who Am I Now?

I wanted my heart to win o'er my mind,
& my soul got stuck in between...
I cautioned it not to interfere...
I cautioned it to be away from the battle..
But my soul stayed on.. & got entangled in the knot unseen;
the war continued, & my soul kept dying everyday,
inside the cover of my hardened heart...
it craved for wars to end in the mind..
it longed for a fresh start!
I closed my eyes & crossed all the tunnels,
it was anyways all about groping my way through the dark..
end of the tunnels i met the sunshine;
I washed my scars, & with my foot on the sand I made a mark;
& decided to start my life from there again,
b'coz today i knew I believe in my heart,
my soul is stronger,
& my world can never again fall apart!  

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