Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012, Longlist Arunima Banerjee


In a crowd of a zillion people,
In the hustle-bustle of the city streets,
In the conspiracies of the people around,
I am lost.

Lost in my own world.
Lost in my imagination.
Lost in some fantasy.
Lost in an abyss of thoughts.

Yes. I am aloof.
Away from the incessant gossips.
Away from their flaunts and brags.
I am lost.

And I want to be lost forever
for it is going to keep the unreal world alive.
I want to live a life
in an imaginative world.

A world where people don’t judge.
A world where there’s silence.
A world where there’s immense compassion.
A world where there’s no space for lies.

Will you hold my hand?
And join me?
in a journey to an unreal world
where we will be happily lost.

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