Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012, Longlist Asmita Soni

Memoirs of Resilient Soul

Not reached, but almost there
I’m making my way through,
With boundless hurdles, endless questions

My fortitude is failing me too. 

My passion won’t cease to burn
In the midst of my enigma,
Because such is my yearning
To show the world I’m impregnable.

I’m told I’m dreaming too high
Defying the notions, I’m here to testify,
That is see no mirage, instead the
Outcome of my raging desire.

No war went without loss,
No win went without failure.
On my boulevard to destiny,
I’ll have my share only to stand undaunted.

With the conviction instilled in me
And the world indulged in it,
I’m rearing to go.
Steps here and steps there,
Not reached, but almost there.


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