Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Featured Writer, Priscilla Rai

Sun Tea

The morning sun
Is always tender
It makes my potted fern
Golden green
The cares of yesterday
Melt in the momentous bliss
As the golden threads
Play on my finger tips
The inviting sight
Its charming light
Seems like a beautiful reverie
The concrete walls
Surrounding me,
Loses some of its atrocity
An empty jar
In a forgotten corner
Stands in my kitchen space
Now I long for a little bit
Of that sunshine taste
The tap fills up the waiting jar
The sun falls on my knee
The tea tin waits
With leaves within
To brew me some Sun tea
I know it will taste
Of summers to come
Dragonflies, ants
And wafting memories
There will be a smidgen
Of times gone by
In my jar of sun tea

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