Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Featured Writer, Priyanka Surve

Nocturnal Relics

I stand still with eyes wide open
To see her dressed in black
Pointing at me, she moves towards me
Slowly and steadily
One step at a time
Little droplets of sweat
Shine around my forehead
Heart trembles
And knees wobble
Now she stands close to me
Very close to me
So close that I can feel her heavy breath
And her cold eyes piercing right through mine
Like a venom coated iron spade
I open my mouth to ask her
Why is she there
What does she wants
But before I utter a word
My eyes get closed and mouth sealed
With icy cold lips of hers
I feel like I kissed a lizard
A dead lizard
She inserts her blue toxic tongue in to my mouth
And everything around me evaporates in a trice
I open my eyes and see her nowhere
Only a blackish blue mark on my lips
A bruise for the lifetime...

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