Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Shortlist, Pakhi Kartik


Amma says secrets are not to be told,
She says they are to be kept hidden
In a place deep within your soul.

She grew up with the notion that,
Secrets were monstrous in nature,
But as long as you were good to them,
They were good to you.

She prided herself to have kept,
all the secrets, except that one,
Which had escaped.

Following a lantern’s trail,
Amma stepped out in the pouring rain,
Calling out her sister’s name,
She hoped to find Tara soon,
Before they were caned.

The mango grove was silent that day
The incessant rain had gone away,
Amma called out to Tara once again,
Picking up her sari pleats,
Slowly she stepped in.

Someone was whimpering,
Hands struggling to be free,
The brawl of fireflies grew violently,
Then came Baba’s voice stern and deep

Amma let out a scream,
She ran back home,
She knows she will not be caned,
Not today,
She will be there before them...

A secret had slipped away.

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