Thursday 24 November 2022

Nisha Mascarenhas, Poetry 2022 Longlist


Wiping perspiration from the brow;

Scorching heat, did the weather avow.

Baking akin to a pie in a furnace,

Every activity is undertaken with a grimace.

The piercing temperature now reaches all saturation points,

And a flash of lightening the sky anoints;

A roar is heard with no origin,

Then falls a tiny little drop, of the size of a pin;

More drops continue, making a melody,

The repercussions of an intense summer have found their remedy;

Arises the fragrance of the earth,

Strengthening every breath without dearth.

Dust wiped off from every leaf,

Clouds celebrating the summer relief;

Our planet is repainted with blue and green,

Look at the masterpiece, what a beautiful scene!

Then man exclaims, ‘Watch out!’

‘The puddle stained my dress!’, they shout

‘My clothes don’t dry’, is their plight,

They cannot even leave their umbrella out of sight

And then he hopes, ‘When will it stop raining?’

Indeed he is nothing but cunning,

No matter how much does Nature provide,

Materialistic man will never be satisfied.

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