Thursday 24 November 2022

Neelamani Sutar, Poetry 2022 Shortlist

Dwindled Humanity 

If the remnants of the ideology are extinct, the conspiracy remains! 

By defeating the truth in the grip of power,

nasty philosophy is formed,

in the face of which all mantras are stunned! 

He wants to live with the responsibility on the shoulders of insane people! 

Sage himself pretends to be a saint. 

Wants to condemn, happy consciousness to everyone,

makes everyone, always confused like himself! 

In the end, the dream is to be robbed, you are tired without knowing it! 

Rumors incapable ---weak people at unlimited commodity prices; 

Yet they do not surrender to injustice! 

Noise in the courtroom! 

The crisis continues to grow,

the tears of the common people fall silently,

or someone loses respect! 

Someone becomes impatient, gives up his life! 

But will I lose?Yet no one's cry will come! 

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