Thursday 24 November 2022

Devika Dhond, Poetry 2022 Shortlist

 The LOVE of inertia




Wet lanes of stalled buses croaking in silence

Dripping shelters of Chai stalls sandwiching scramblers

Autos curving their hips, poking noses in credence

Hustling gears filling cane juice tumblers

Hungry stray dogs- roaring humbly

Thirsty feelings- paused dumbly

Flyover pillars lodging organic eyes and nude vans

Red has always been a thronged menace

A law-bound hiatus, a repugnant captivation

The magic of realism in a clogged space

Thriving on the captor’s motivation


           Power on


A pandemonium of propellants, a jet of adrenalines

No queues, only bundles, heaps, and clusters

Of silent clamours, of pleasing noises, of voice machines

All and sundry- Jacks, One-off self- master

Dead faces, remorseful races, selfish screens

This, a brief phase of opportunistic importunity -helmets crowned

Hoots speaking louder- words drowned

Pecking, patting, spanking, ramming- to each their own means

Orange is notorious for triggering paraphernalia

Driving eccentricity on rocky roads

One could sleep all day– personalia

The biological alarm never disappoints- an inevitable ford




Finally, it’s show time, an overawed finish line

Unwaged Accelerations- Unaimed ten pin strikes

Fluent transitions, mood swing number nine

No strings taut, automobiles - hiking with the like

Panic prevails, swiftness triumphs fine

Happy hearts embrace

The drizzly breeze- a sunny freeze

Freedom- a levelled forehead crease

Green, hypothetically venerated for its liberty

Let’s call a spade a spade- factual sententia

But some cannot renounce to green’s positivity

Within them is found profound - The love of inertia

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