Thursday 24 November 2022

Alka Tomar, Poetry 2022 Longlist

Be More Humane 

She came to me, 

‘N pleaded work-

I looked down at her- 

And conceded.

She cooked,

She cleaned,

She washed,

She helped me preen,

And I –

I just took her 

As a mere menial feminine.

While she looked-

Up to me, as if 

I were a queen. 

Then death reared 

Her ugly face,

A faceless face

So mean-

The tiniest of mite

That you could think

Was this virus CORONA- 

they said in fright.

Now, I do all my work 

And realize, I was a trite.

She is home, waiting to return

To that ugly station in life

When you are not seen 

For what you are 

But for what you do

And are treated worse than a

A mouse in the lard.

Is this time

Not to reflect

On how to be more human.

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