Sunday 15 August 2021

Tanya Soni, Poetry 2021 Magazine


Lend me hurdle, give me pain,
Shut my speeches, bargain my brain,
Shower me thorns, Thunders of woe,
Paint me black, theft all rainbows,
Break my courage my heart you hurt,
Wrap me in solely, grab all my gains.
You cannot steal my soul, be you false be you true,
You can never make her solo
cannot prison her in locked doors,
You cannot knot her with your cruelties or foes.
She knows her ways her actions are real,
She cannot muddle, be I here be I where ever,
She is free of world of words and of wicked,
She is bound only to wisdom to will and to wise,
She is guided by my lord;
My lord gives her power,
My lord gift her resources,
My lord pays company to her.
She cannot be broken neither lacking nor lonely.

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