Sunday 15 August 2021

Sanjana Srivastava, Poetry 2021 Magazine

My Favourite Man

Candies, pastries or toffees,

What have you brought from the office?

I reached school early today.

My teacher asked me to write how I spent the last Sunday.

I wrote that I spend my Sundays with my uncle,

My favourite man.

My best friend gave me a friendship band.

We played in the park and rolled over the sand.

You look tired. 

Sit under the fan.

I will tell you a story of an elephant.


Frozen thighs, arms and tongue.

Bruised bosom and bleeding gum.

I laid like a baby with my favourite man.

I gulped pus, fear, poison and death.

Teacher talks to me no more.

I write poetry about how I spend my Sundays,

With my uncle,

My favourite man.


Need no candies, pastries or toffees,

Don't be back from the office.

Need a man,

To talk about my uncle,

My favourite man.

Inhale - exhale

Expand - exhaust - create

I fly.

I dive.

Unruffled - unfazed

I write.

I rise.

I forget - remember my uncle,

My favourite man.

I forgive - punish my uncle.

My favourite man.

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