Sunday 15 August 2021

Surbhi Sharma, Poetry 2021 Shortlist

Lady Macbeth

There she sat, with a fluttering nerve 

Ebbing in her alabaster slim throat 

Black pearls clasped around

As if clutching on and revering

Her dainty head and dark mind.

Her bottom lip, wine stained

Nervously bitten, slightly swollen

Her ivory fingers choking the stem glass Red poured in; grief spilled out

There was a humming sound around

Humming it felt to her small ears

The wails of concubines and queens One king slaid for another in making The body passed her balcony in farewell, She raised her glass, not her veil.

Comes in the dreaded scenery

A black butterfly and settles on pearls Seems like what witches cackled to husband Now is whispered to her by a mute butterfly The wine tastes sweeter with every second

“Guilt is for weak, my will- be -queen” You hardly lifted a finger and behold! The throne is tossed to your feet

How could you have trodden gently? You were in love my loveliest!”

“Fear is for those subdued,”

Continues the mute fly-

“It’s for those who are beaten by Faith and stay awake in tossing dreams You have paid your dues, now celebrate!”

“Lovely, yet lonely… celebrate with whom?” Whisper back the wine-stained lips

The black butterfly spreads itself

On the royal lap and blends in

The black lace of mourning dress

The ships will sail from Arabia

The bottled scents may not reach What reeks now will remain

The stench of death and doom

Will only lift the veil, not the burden.

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