Sunday 15 August 2021

Maanya Oberoi, Poetry 2021 Shortlist

Flowers of Doom

Flowers of Doom is an allegory of the journey of mine workers who died in a mining accident, and were later reborn in the form of flowers. It signifies loss and renewal, and the perpetuity of hope and remembrance.

Flowers of doom
Sombre in full bloom
The mighty tale they're yet to regale
In the nightshade by the quarry
Wrought hands, of the toil they were wary
Atop the hills, beneath the skies
No one to hear their solemn cries
By the quarry they lived, in the quarry by night,
right afront their lovers’ eyes
Engulfed in the flame, screams unheard
They were born from the earth, their petals shedding
Rose from their ashes, the flowers of the night;
While those who remembered yearned and cried
Their solace was stolen by one final thought-
Reminiscing the flowers of doom,
and the might their full bloom brought.

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