Sunday 15 August 2021

Pooja Mandla, Poetry 2021 Magazine


Title: I'm a bubble

My emotions, my feelings are the semblance of deception.

Just like my body, an illusion of form and colour

Welled up in the waters of my consciousness,

Over exuberance of my health, wealth, happiness of good fortune, odour.

My dreams also float,

In the space of my mind

And disappear when I wake up, afloat

Even they disappear when, with deep sleep, I'm entwined

I'm just an illusionary embodied soul

Like a fragile nature of a bubble;

An evanescent formation of this mortal world

Though radiating the light of life for some time, double.

But yes, I'm caught in the cycle of birth and death

Yes, I'm just a fragile nature of  bubble,

Swayed by the winds of fate,

And one day, I'll disappear into the mysterious nothingness without leaving any trace.

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