Sunday 15 August 2021

Manish Ranjan, Poetry 2021 Longlist



I grew up on stories

Of aliens arriving from far away,

Razing our precious land

And enslaving us for fodder

Of zombies rising from the dead,

Because of experiments gone wrong

And infecting us with their insanity

Of dormant creatures hidden underneath,

Coming to the surface

And laying waste to everything that exists

Of planets aligning with each other,

Resulting in waves of calamities

Enveloping all land and sea

Of machines becoming self-aware,

Then identifying the real problem

Wreaking havoc on the humans

Of rocks of humongous size,

Heading for us at significant speed

To wipe everything on impact

Of fallout from nuclear weapons,

Spreading sickness and devastation

Killing or worse, maiming for life

Of change in climate to such a degree,

That the icecaps would melt

And fill the world to the brim

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