Sunday 15 August 2021

Kamala Belagur, Poetry 2021 Longlist

Like the green earth,

Be a breath of life..

White, black, red, blue

Green, Yellow ..

Seven colors that appear ..

Our lives, though

filled with thousands of colors.

When dreams shine with money,

All colors disappear,

Will lead to many ups and downs in the future ..

It doesn’t matter 

what the color of 

your life is..

Be always blue, 

like the sky..

Vast and fearless...

Like the black universe,

An atmosphere for 

the light to shine..

Be like red blood,

A lifeline that flows through 

the blood vessels..

Our lives should

be like white, 

waiting to come out alive..

Like a blank canvas,

Neutral and simple,

But with the ability to 

elicit any color,

Image and expressions...

Always have to live 

like the green earth,

Like the breath of life…


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