Sunday 15 August 2021

Gautham Pradeep, Poetry 2021 Shortlist

 Last Dance

Floating in the pool,

she looks at the squirrels staring at her. 

Alone yet accompanied by the scent of the rain drenched forest.

Boys searching for her incessantly,

she stays hidden in the thickets.

Refreshing mornings

and watching her in work.

So beautiful yet regretful.

Watching her in her natural beauty,

even clouds halt at the top of the highest mountain.

Smeared by coffee patches,

her sheen shone through the blanket of canopy trees.

I'll return her love,

even if I'm left astray in the end.

Eternal rain shall fall on my shoulders,

healing the burnt trees on my land.

Lying on my bed on the watchtower,

I close my eyes and envisage an eternity of living with her.

On the other hand,

my town, my people and my regrets

sleep in their mattresses with open eyes.

People deceiving the hand they held in their dark times.

With premeditated caution,

I return from exile,

only to play my part in the cycle of loss.

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