Saturday 29 May 2021

Bindu Saxena, Prose 500 2021 Shortlist

Trojan Horse
Are you game for Guilt-Free Pleasures? If yes, please sign up. My user name is OOHING and AAHING. Password: Hey, Honey 123. It will redirect you to the subject, captioned, TROJAN HORSE. It is the name of my new lingerie store. 

Why I chose this, and why not any other pedestrian name, to house a woman's intimate apparel? Let me give credit to my creative brainstorming. Meanwhile, tick the box to read. 

In Greek mythology, Trojan War made a fascinating story. It lasted many years. The Greeks could not penetrate the heavily barricaded city of Troy. Hence, one day, a few of the Greek soldiers brought the people of Troy a massive wooden horse, which the latter accepted as a peace offering. They kept it inside the city walls, where it sat until the night. After the city people had fallen asleep, Greek soldiers jumped out of the wooden horse, opened the gates to let their fellow soldiers in, and took over the city. Ever since this term, Trojan horse has meant a deceptive trick.

You may ask, how does it relate to Lingerie? Well, I thought to language this idea, to get clients (husbands, boyfriends and significant others, etc.) to bring the gift horse into their castle, for an engaging love in your Team Room. Once they find my store, a titillating gift zone, the result would be a heavy influx of raving male clients to my store. More importantly, I wanted to bring contentment and cheer that might have lost its sheen over some time, and possibly so, this might serve a new trigger and shot in their arms, to re-joining the two bed-mates together! It was my concept. And I am happy I gave birth to it. 

My strategy was not about selling underwear to women but selling romance, sex, or the potential for sex, to the men who would buy this intimate garment for their wives, sweethearts, significant others, etc. One wonders, how many men go buying this particular garment for their ladies, what percentage of them even care to see it intently - is my guess. So, my idea was light playfulness. It was not sleazy and nor tacky, either. It was not about sex, per se, but rather about the whacky, crazy, naughty idea to make him wear this thinking cap, to reap in, a harvest of joining souls: to keep that special someone happy, to invest in a massive cubic centimeter of warmth, to finally achieve 746 watts, horsepower, from this relationship.

Guys! Listen. You need to love us. If you are dating a woman, you do not need to get her flowers. Give her tender, delicate, cherished moments and think she was the temple of your love. Give her offering of your desires and smell the roses with her. Handle her body with kindness and a gentle touch. You may or may not buy from my store, but never deceive her. I played a deceptive yet positive trick to bring you closer to your soul-mate. Cheerio!

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