Saturday 1 August 2020

Smruti Beohar, Poetry 2020 Longlist

I Deserved a Better Life

I wanted to sing, play and dance,
Live every moment under the sun,
Why was I subjected to so much of misery?
I was shattered,
I deserved all that I persevered for honestly

Just as a fresh flower bud is nipped when it was about to flower,
A gentle gargling stream I was,
I began to roar into a mighty river

Every living moment was seized from me,
All events crippled me and destroyed all my power
Just as a gigantic ocean were to be robbed from all its power,
A hapless, helpless being I was reduced to be

If the Supreme Divinity approached me,
And gently asked me my only wish,
My only wish would be to travel back in time,
Re-live every moment gloriously,
With no bondages and pre-conditions set on me

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