Saturday 1 August 2020

Gagan Saxena, Poetry 2020 Longlist


The Happiness you seek in every street,
The Warmth of bond you haven't yet feel,
Is within you.

The Voice you search in every corner,
The Glimpse of that shining armour,
Is within you.

The Satisfaction you want to have,
The One who wants to hold you back,
Is within You.

The Power that you always desire,
The Silver lining that you require,
Is within you.

The Magic to turn tears to smile,
The Lessons you learned meanwhile,
Is within you.

The Talent you once admire,
The Feelings filled like reservoir,
Is within you.

The power to change the future,
The persistence to be a moocher,
Is within you.

You are the writer of the story,
You are the one who holds that pen,
You are the characters, you are the ink,
You are the person, was missing.

It's never too late to start again,
The efforts will never go in vain,
I know the person you need to find,
Who's hiding here since a while,

Is within YOU!
Is within YOU!!
Is within YOU!!

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