Saturday 1 August 2020

Apramita Chand, Poetry 2020 Longlist

Noisy Silence 


Crunching knuckles 

Breathing in and out 

Maddening stillness 

Eerie hushes around 

Deathly rattle on a loop 

With a tick and a tock 

No airy whirring is respite 

As leaks drip and drop 

Gentle taps and whooshing jostles, 

Occasional grumbling coos 

Elsewhere, scurrying feet rustle 

In the deafening quietude 

Distant shrieks and crashing glass 

Gulps of rising bile 

A din inside, stifled fast 

By sighs and a forced smile 

The thudding heart stutters a little 

Shattering all poise 

Someone is screaming my nightmares 

And silence erupts in noise.

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