Sunday 10 May 2020

Haimanti Dutta Ray, Prose 500, 2020, Longlist


Every human being comes across a crisis at some or the other moment of his or her life. A crisis causes capricious chasms. But how do we or do we ever overcome a crisis of a deep magnitude? The answer lies in our will power. It is our in-built courage to overcome all odds in order to survive, that eggs us onward.

But the recent Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated a crisis heretofore unseen, or even unheard. It is the world at large which is at stake. It has united the rich with the poor, the old with the young, and the able with the not-so-fortunate. Are we then heading towards a classless society quite like Socialism, an all-but extinct political jargon, of yesteryears?

The Corona crisis has been a great leveller. It has brought the entire world together in a united fight against an impending apocalyptic annihilation of the human race. We have never encountered such an unsolvable puzzle before. Scientists and researchers are yet to discover a cure or a vaccine for the Novel Corona virus. It is as though we are fighting against an unseen, unheard about enemy. People are losing lives as though they are a swarm of insects. They are getting trampled upon by this deadly virus.

Science had made us believe that man can conquer all dangers with reason and expertise. But today, even science has fallen on its knees in utter desperation. We are as though being pushed into a bottomless abyss. The free fall is taking all our breaths, read lives, away. In this real war-like situation, will it be vengeful Nature who will win over man’s helplessness? Or will it be the aggregate will power and the fortitude of the people that will override over Nature’s will? Oh God! Let us all survive and combat this crisis. Let us not be like flies to wanton boys, who would like to kill for their sport!!

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