Sunday 10 May 2020

Divvisha Bharti, Prose 500 2020, Longlist

Embarking On A New Journey

This is how it began. One fine day, Srishti was sitting in the garden looking at a few kids playing and few people walking on the path. It was around six in the evening.

Every day around this time after returning from home, she worked at a co-working space and was the center manager. Today was a different day for her at work. She was organising a networking meet for the co-workers. She had just settled in the guests and came back to her seat.

" Excuse Me", a voice came from behind.She turned back to look. Engrossed in the papers in her hand, she asked - how may I help you?

“I had registered for the event, here is my pass. Can you please guide me the way?” he said.

Srishti guided him the way and started working on the unfinished tasks as they were needed to be completed immediately.

It was time to wind off at work, when she heard the same voice again that had asked for the directions in the morning.

“Hey, how are you? How about having a coffee and some chit chatting about some good old days at school?” he said.

Totally aghast, she gazed at Varun, still gathering her thoughts and trying to collate them to speak.

“Oh My God-- Varrruuun you? What a pleasant surprise. How have you been? When did you return to India?” she asked Varun.

“Hey Srish, where are you lost? I am standing besides you for last two minutes. How was your day at work?” Rohan said as he crossed her to sit beside her on the bench in the park.

“It was good Mr. Hubby,” she said.

It was quarter past seven now. Rohan’s hands were on Srishti’s shoulder as he said, “We should do this Srishti, yes, we should definitely do this. Let’s go and meet him tomorrow. You fix an appointment with him.”

That’s how her road to motherhood began.

“ Thank You Varun, you were really an angel for us. We had almost given up on the thought of becoming parents after failed attempts. But when you suggested the new age method of IVF and assured us. We are blessed with a baby girl. Her name is Varuni. See you soon. Please come to meet her once you are back from your medical conclave.

With Warm Regards
Srishti & Rohan

( Read a whatsapp message on Varun’s phone)

Please switch off all the electronic devices. We are ready to take off.

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