Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Vikas Sharma

Relax and Enjoy The Moments
Leave the world for a day .
Let the things go own way.
How is the world going without you?
Feel calm, light and  satisfied too.
Do not worry sleep as long as.
Enjoy the day with music & jazz.
Solutions were found for problems on hook.
Part of daily routine have a look.
Life is full of problem and twist.
Stand firmly, fight bravely is the gist.
Zillions of imperfect exist everywhere.
Morsel of honesty leave you fair.
Glee and happy not allowed to glum.
Eat all fruits mango, sapodilla & plum.
Cup of coffee you must take it.
Fake the smile till you make it.
Fear of mistakes all time not good.
Life is precious, work for food.
Self inspection done in dormant phase.
Peace & contentment in work, one must chase.
Tasks done with more comfort & ease.
Load of work to reduce and squeeze.
Be sanguine when left with naught.
Temple, church or shrine to be sought.
Smug achievements put a gloss.
Narked  ghouls nap a loss .
Latch on to the holy sacrament.
Better at the helm, liberal temperament.
Naggers fractious knack to forget .
Gloat comedy shows on the T.V. set.
Read decipherable canto by an ardent .
Chocolate, pizza, burger for an indent.
Confidence when low and want to jib.
Listen encouraging songs to glib.
Be active, healthy, intelligent and great.
Having God‘s blessings no need to narrate.

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