Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, KV Raghupathi

If I am Dead

If I am dead
I know your tears flow like October streams
I may not see
Cry now until your eyes drain like summer plains.

If I am dead
I know you may plant hot kisses on my cold body like pigeon
I may not feel
Kiss me now profusely until your lips pale like shrunken lily.

If I am dead
I know you may heap praise after praise upon me like a drunken sycophant
I may not hear
Praise me therefore until the Spring comes.

If I am dead
I know you may abuse me for my faults like a disgruntled politician
I may not record
Abuse me therefore until your vocal cords stop vibrating.

If I am dead
I know your love overflows like boiling milk in a kettle
I may not sense
Love me therefore until the Blue Moon fades.

If I am dead
I know you may feed the poor to satisfy your ego
I may not witness
Feed the poor now dispassionately till your treasures drain.

Time is short, life is small.
Death is near, love is far
Nothing will give you fullness
except a sense of giving.
Everything goes without your doing anything.
Hence love me, kiss me
praise me, abuse me
and feed the destitute before I am dead.

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