Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Harikrishnan R

How enunciate the innocuous jumping into the imbroglio; it’s funny
Casually the repercussions of a gala of auspices to gather into the room
Fantastic accord to be narrated over the cause of a hilarious event
Nay into the retreat of spurious occasions to access within the instinct
Corroboration to prevail for the innocent commitment has yet to reveal
Irrevocable speculations came as stringent connivance of faithfulness
Deeds which potter haunting into an aroma of monomania never hamper
Satire repertoire towards amicable solutions to the necking of this event
One day hiding into the room wall to avoid exclamatory remarks so far
Morning arrives in enthusiasm to get the doorbell rang with a pleasantness
Seen the happiest faces to promote myself also into distinct exhaustion
Call favorable to the lovely occasion of a gathering in the town hall
Reverberating the invited date neither seems to be haste for another deed
All of a sudden the whispering to the beloved humbled into the discreet moods
Pots of favorite solution in the early morning occasion generate there a charm
Chatting the time with the incomers elevates the coffee pot many times into the lips
Lots of sayings and sighs enamored into the abode of get together of my friends
Spindle in the clock began to struck for the arrival of a delicious dish for the breakfast
Dignified welcome and understandable notes share into the dining before moving down
Door began to open again and the host withdraws the attention of the buddies with a smile
Gently the rendezvous began to disperse with the melancholic gestures to spare
Afterwards while travelling towards the office reminded the occasion to be fifteen days onwards
 Suggestion for an outing in the valley came from the beloved and agreed with a smile
Hang over from the working environment towards the recreation finds happy altogether
Morning and evening spent in mild dew and cool breeze enjoying every bit of enthusiasm
Sunshine evade into the sky introducing incessant coolness in the hut down the valley
Joy and gay arrived in the family get together along with the favorites
Returned after enjoying every bit of exhilaration to forget the hassles in the air
Days and days over ride into new rejuvenating attire in the home and office
Happy prevailed over the facade of home with all forms of get up for encouragement
Again engaging with the rigorous discussions in the office room recovering from boredom
New assignments came to fulfill the expectations of the future in a grandeur fashion 
Suddenly the beloved rushed towards me bringing a welcome note in her hand
Reminded in spontaneous the arrival of buddies and their call to the occasion at the town hall
Looking into it cause sad and lugubrious feeling about the careless activity of forgetting
Suddenly it was realized that remembrance cannot sustain with colorful ideology of lively objects.

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