Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Longlist, Aman Saxena

Living It To The Fullest With A Smile!
It all comes down to the fact
that everything in everyone's life
comes to an end
that the wheel of time takes away
what it makes you feel
that you are a part of
without even giving you
a chance to react.

Remember there are certain things
that we take for granted
while they last in our life
then one day
when they no longer exist
we feel shallow.

Grab those things
cherish them to the fullest.
Celebrate them, live them!
because they deserve that.

I hate to admit
but I do become anxious
and full of tears
when reality hits hard
that one fine morning
when I will wake up
I will not have
the option of thinking
about this part of the life

I read about "What men live by"
in a Tolstoy's short story,
now I know one of the answers
in my life,
i.e. Living it to the fullest with a smile :)

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