Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Debasish Mishra


It rains gently
And petrichor brings the postcards of the past,
Velvety vignettes of memory
Unearthed from the coffin of oblivion.

I remember how I tinkered
With the topography of your skin,
Touching the braille
Which bemused me with its music.

I remember how I gazed
At your eyes for endless hours,
The telltale signs and secrets,
Deciphering the poetry therein.

I remember everything —
Your smiles, your movements,
Your words, your silences
And the long silence that followed.

This sudden gust of rain
Enlivens the past and ushers me
To the forgotten corridors of memory
Which will probably fade again
With the passing of the petrichor.

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