Thursday 15 August 2019

Poetry 2019 Featured Poet, Canta Dadlaney

My soul  was  on sale
The day I squeezed my eyes open
To no smiles.

A heavy price to pay on Earth
Is the road I tread
Full of uncertainties
And it doesn’t stop there.
A war of words and emotions
Engulf me
I turn around to where I had come from
But I was standing on a one-way road.

I have to do my time
Merge into the madness
Till I concede defeat
To play the part entrusted to me.

My endurance abandons me
I struggle no more
For that faraway place where the sun never sets
Slowly the pathways unfurl to me.

Relief brings forth sweat of the years under my skin
On bended knees, I shout out loud
I want no more, no more.

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