Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Nisha Raju


Seeing me,
Neither the sun sets away,
Nor dries up the water in the bay,
Neither the stars stop their sparkling,
Nor the birds stop their singing.
River equally gives water to you and me,
Also, the moon, seeing me, doesn’t stop its glee,
Neither differentiates between you and me, the tree,
Then glancing at me, why do you flee?
I’m not playable,
I’m not pitiable,
I am sterile,
But surely not frail and vile.
Yes! I’m a eunuch! Not a beast!
If not a man,
Not even as a woman,
Treat me as a human at least.
Tormented since the day of birth,
Love, care, everything in dearth,
None understand the way we feel,
Undergoing humiliations every day is a big deal.
Was it our fault to have those imbalanced DNA?
Why bash us and make us a prey?
Genderless we are, maybe,
But thoughtless you are, surely!
Our parents disown,
Torture and agony are all we bear,
You look at us with a frown,
And we are left with just a life full of tear.
I look forward with a huge aspiration,
To bring a change in this society, my only ambition,
You may call it a curse,
But I name it a blessing,
To live as a man,
And exist too, as a woman,
In the same birth,
With all my mirth,
For yes! I’m a eunuch! Not a beast,
Treat me as a human, at least!

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