Saturday 15 September 2018

Poetry 2018 Longlist, Bindu Saxena

This Can Wait

I didn’t write awhile; tried to put it off.
The words weren’t just right, it felt like such a job.

Rhymes didn’t match; and I got hungry then,
I grabbed some snacks, instead of the pen.

Dishes needed cleaning; before I could eat,
But I started reading, why work to be neat?

The book was so taxing; and I couldn’t be a border.
Perhaps some relaxing… a nap was in order.

The day’s done when I awoke; the poem OK when I read it.
This is all that had I wrote, with not much time to edit.

I didn’t HAVE TO do it yet; didn’t think that I’d forget it.
But now I HAVE to do it, yes? Oh, I think I’ll just FORGET It.

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