Saturday 1 February 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 Longlist Krishna Kumar


She hated smokers while, he couldn't live without cigarettes. Their relationship started like fire and ended as ashes. After three months of their break up, she called him to meet. He reached the place with a pack of cigarettes. While waiting for her, he decided to quit smoking.  Soon, she arrived with a card in her hand.
He smiled at her but she didn't.
"It will never work in between us. I am going to marry him," she told.
He stood there speechless.

Stretching the wedding card, she told,
"But remember we are good friends still..."

He then opened his pack and lit a cigarette.  Smoking it, he came near her and told,
"Honey, why it didn't work and why it will never work in between us is that we could never really be true friends..."

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