Saturday 1 February 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 Longlist Chintha Mary Anil

Fleeting Glimpses

Trudging up the slope, I heave a sigh, hoping desperately to flag down an autorickshaw in the gentle drizzle…
Unused calf-muscles ache in antagonistic glee, with passing rickshaws hardly offering a cursory glance, as they rudely weave past my drenched soul. The perkiness of the morning bliss oozes out with each lash of the upcoming storm.

The mind zones in on painful exaggerations…
My eyes steer towards an auto making its upward detour with patient zeal.
None too sure whether the rick is already occupied, I wave a half-hearted thumb at it; with the steep slope ahead, the driver  can’t take his eyes off the road, yet acknowledges my request with a swipe of the wipers, a helpless smile and a shrug of his shoulders indicating the passenger behind…

Leaving the smudge of a smile on the dripping windshield as well as the edges of my lips!

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