Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ashiya Ansari


Was sitting idle and suddenly rang the phone,
I'm feeling weary, mama please do receive the call.
Is there Ashiya to whom I want to talk?
Mama said to that curious voice to keep on hold.
I took the phone, asked whom are you looking for?
She replied, this is me who used to be your best buddy long before.
I squeaked in delight, asked where had you gone?
I misplaced your number and address I forgot,
Today it so happened for that laud the God,
Stumbled upon a school diary, old so long,
There got your number written on the top,
So as here I'm to you on this phone.
I burst into smiles, hearing the reason she told,
It's true that they too wait for us, whom we keep waiting for.

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