Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ankita Kumar


A few connected dots and a myriad of emotions that seep through my gushing soul.
A revelation in all its form, so hysterical yet well-carved.
My archaic stance dwindles every time a wave of newness is found.
The story of my life finds strength from different angles.
Harping on, it resonates the sound I have designed.
Not once, but twice, it confirms my presence,
and a shadow - check later, it floats around.
Make my way, for light and day,
the spell-binding desire seems to have cast away.
Mysteries in centuries and centuries in mystery,
the difference in two odd duels, hitch my unflinching faith.
The story of my life fills length and depth from various transcendental corners.
Chanting my name, it plays the tune I have created.
Not once, but twice, it manipulates my existence,
and a flaming venture makes things bright and hale.
Aligned beautifully and negated almost immediately,
I have built bridges, I have built walls.
So what if its a fantasy? What if its a gateway to the mind?
Who decides what's what and whats not?
The story of my life is unfolding slowly.
Gliding and advancing, its paving a path.
Some things come easy and the rest come hard,
for nothing else matters, for we all live in a house of cards.

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