Saturday 1 February 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 Longlist, Diwakar Pokhriyal


“Wait! This is wrong” He shouted.
“I am not listening to you. You don’t understand my point of view” I said
“It’s not about the views, it’s about the future. You have the potential to rise above heaven” He tried to pull me back.
“Leave me alone! I can think and act on my own. I don’t need a compass.” I said and walked off.
“Please understand….” But till then I had left, might be forever.
I opened the door. As I looked inside, tears started welling up and I lost control of my senses.
“How can I treat a loved one like this?” My mind was drowning inside darkness.
“He did everything for me but I wasn’t able to realize his worth. I am still no one”.
While I was in dilemma, I saw them taking him away. His body was covered with white cloth.

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