Saturday 1 February 2014

Flash Fiction 2014 Longlist, Divvisha Bharati

The Fateful Revenge

He gathered all canvasses together and made a link between them.
O tried to recollect. He started to join the unconnected points. In few seconds he was able to figure the person responsible for Zak’s condition.

And there was the entire picture. This was a beautiful picture, the ethereal kinds that poems are written about, the eyes, the form. Zak, a mere mortal, couldn’t have escaped. Was her beauty skin deep? O remembered all incidents of her betrayal and conspiracies that were aimed at him.

“I never knew fate will give me a chance to take revenge” O made a note in his journal.
His hand became restless. It lifted the brush and dipped in paint. Few blotches of paint here and there. Some crooked lines and there it was. O sighed with relief.

What? O exclaimed.  How can this be possible? The queen who plotted everything against Zak for money and power resembled his own lover.
Zak who sat perplexed on their chair now showed a movement. He blinked his eye in affirmation.

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