Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Shortlist Khyati Gautam


wars,warriors and the defeatists
this is what we and our simple life is
living each day struggling hard
some with peace and some with sword.
flipping across the books of history
i thought what's the logic,what's the mystery
why a war of waterloo
or the one of panipat
creating a blood fall
accounting for a huge toll.
i wondered why a fight with else
when you have your own self
fight hard with desires
that ring aloud in your ears.
stand against those temptations
those may be alluring
my heart says you can
if you are willing.
when diffidence controls you
raise your spirits
self-motivation is the key
to get over it all through.
burn up your desires
futile the ones are
chase your passion
which will, for sure, land you somewhere.
find it tough to fight ever
''nothing's tough'', you must remember
be the masters of your destiny
be the warriors,chivalric and fierce.
people will talk of you
praise you,may bulldozz you
your soul may be defeated
speak to your mind,you have to fight
your heart may cry
but strive,coz you have to fly.

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