Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist, Khushi Dhasmana

Because when everything is done she will be at her rage
Determine to destroy everything who stand in her way
I will stand at the top of the mountain to summon first
Cause we have made those sins which can’t be washed by holy water
Then once again being will think he has more muscle
Machines will be raised but on one knows that once again
Ice age will begin
I will watch the destruction of my same
Many lips will move in fear and apology
And what might they have done wrong screaming for their respective goals
But he is a despondence now
He has been chained by the roots of the trees which were slaughtered
Demons shake hands with her
No one will breathe again
The very speck of human & its construction will vanish away
Then the fate of the big sphere will change again
And may be this time no human will ever breathe again.

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