Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Pratiksha Patil


My phantom past is
Beating me and kicking me
The nightmares that I get
When I sleep it takes me to the terrible hell!
Being jealous of present, it is making me to feel frustrated
Hitting my head constantly,
Making my heart beat faster than it could beat
By increasing my blood pressure
Unnecessarily wasting my energy
And lowering my potential energy
When my energy is lowered I have to work harder and harder!
So that I can move further
But it holds my hand and prevents me from moving further
Making my life full of sufferings and sorrow
And showing me the ugly face of tomorrow
But future is waiting for me!
Showing me the ray of hope through a small hole
In my darkest room
I don’t want to leave that glittering golden ray!
Showing me correct way
So, I decided to put on my all the energy
Not only physical but also my strength
For a moment it seems too painful
Alas! I get hurt in this process
But this pain was not greater than my dream
So I forgets myself and just moves towards my dream
Then at last I realised that I did it
Yes!!  I did it for my dream
And for a while I am flying like a bird with a smile!

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