Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Purva Gautam

Magic of Night Sky

The stars shine bright
Just like a worthy light
They always keep on twinkling
And make the people stop blinking
As they lay motionless
Looking at the stars afresh
The stars look blue and white
And soon become a friendly sight
Here comes the moon
Which children love more than a balloon
It astonishes people with brightness
And forms a famous sight to confess
It shows many shapes and colours
Which are often researched by scholars
Day and night it goes and comes
And children enjoy it with complete fun
Wonderful meteors drop everyday
Over a hill, house or hay
Children call it a shooting star
And try to catch it but it’s very far
It looks like a broken diamond
But cannot be bought by using fund
Every meteor has a head and tail
Which cannot be bought in any sale
This magical night sky
Is looked up by every girl and guy
Every night before sleep
People wish to have its dream
The nocturnals add up to its beauty
But sometimes make it spooky
Every night it’s more beautiful than ever
I wish I could keep it admiring forever...

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