Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Longlist Kamalika Ray


On the tip of her pink tongue
lived a nasty little 'word',
which tried jumping out
each time she opened her mouth.
So she ate carefully
spoke fearfully
and hardly lived a life.
Soon she was branded
as 'good', for the market
of relations connections & affections of
Till one day,
Despite all the ‘careful’ love and ‘watchful’ ├žare
a piece of her broken 'heart' got stuck
into the deep of her reddened throat.
and refused to budge. Either in or out.
It was then, in the midst of confusion,
she opened her mouth, wide big and whole.
Out came the 'word',
strong large and loud
shocking hers theirs and all.
It sure took some time, to live through the change.
But then?
She ate good, she spoke better and
She had the best life.

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