Monday 25 September 2017

Poetry 2017 Shortlist Joshua Fernando

Midnight Sun

Welcome to the land of the Midnight sun,
where glass horses prance into the horizon.
Where colours of red and wine,
play with your nascent mind.
All love and lust left behind.
Where time and tide wait for you,
and untouched dreams are now true.
Welcome to my sweet Haven of love,
where shadows of the winter,
fall upon the rain.
Where skies have no limit,
and the haze takes over pain.
Where you need not escape reality,
and there's no greed for immortality.
Enter this mirage, a piece of Paradise,
where peace of mind paints over your regret.
Lagoons so blue you'd never forget.
Run on here cause this suns about to set.
Welcome to my mind, my love...

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