Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Shortlist, Vardaan Parashar

Not Yet Done

Accepted, absorbed and analysed
I got defeated not paralysed!

Alas, I Fell short of expectations
still standing tall with patience

It twinges, pricks, may kill
Swallow it like a sour pill

Close your eyes and behold beneath
Your soul tells a tale,
How you failed.

Make every bead of tear count
tear the torpor, conquer the mount!

Banish those excuses
Nothing but Ruses

Your soul and will,let them fuse.
Your whims serve no use!
Victory or Victim, you decide
your life, your path, you preside

You aren’t done until you stop
spurn negatives, come on top

Start now, not think how
Finish anyhow, take a bow!

There’s nobody you cant defeat
No task you cant complete!

While others make fun!
Take them head on,
coz you are not done!
You are not done!
You are not done!

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