Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Shortlist, Sunanda Bhadra

The Night

The lingering sunset and the twilight,
Is obliterated by the dark night.
The sky starts shimmering with stars like a fantasy;
Like an illuminated canopy;
Accompanied by the silver coloured moon;
Decked up like an inamorata to be wedded soon.
People rushing to be in their abode after the day’s work;
And it says so many untold stories of the masses.
 The passage of each hour marks;
The gradual decrease of the honking of cars and buses;
Unlike the hustling and bustling of the broad day light-
I’m speechless and mesmerized at the sight!
While I’m seated at my balcony to take a poetic ride;
Witness the dead silence of the nocturnal bride.
 The roads and the bylanes are finally vacated;
Or, left with the least mobility to be greeted;
Whereas I still stay glued to my chair;
To be merged and sip every bit of it with care-
And suddenly, a cool breeze breaks the tranquillity;
As if singing a lullaby or acts as my introspecting curability.

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