Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Shortlist Aakriti Bhatia

Cutting The Cord

One not-so-fine-morning, she cut the cord,
Reminding herself, it was her reward,
Re-learning to fly farther away,
Farther towards the shining ray
The cord, though was a beautiful ring,
With itself, happiness it did bring,
But along came difficulties and compromise,
She had once celebrated her own demise
But now, it felt as though she was reborn,
Again, her carefree ensemble she had worn,
And walked outside with a happy glow,
There was plenty of sadness, even though
The cord, though holding, was a fond ornament,
That she wore proudly wherever she had went,
The time, she said, had simply come,
For it to be over, and the cord to be undone
And so she walked a different course,
With a fond goodbye, and a little remorse,
Parting ways on a positive end,
For her own self, she would now fend.

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