Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Robina Demra

The Stranger                                         
                                   The night has come now, and the streets are ablaze with lights.
                            Have been looking for you since morning, but in my pain you delight.
This quest for you pushed me to some new, kind faces,
        And i bumped into a few nightmares.
I met some young hearts,
              And some of them had white hair.
I have found a new world, a new excitement beams.
It is like, all of my fears boxed up together,
              And gift wrapped at the seams.
     Yet, on the top of it all,
Your absence taunts me.
                   I think I am gonna stop looking now.
                   Though i am lost, but I am in love with this feeling 
        That haunts me.
                               I will dance with the shapeles melodies.
                                 Sing along with the tragedies.
                            I will look at the moon and like a fool will I smile.
                               Like a fool I might think of you for a while.
I will be all that you intent me to be.
         I will see all that you want me to see.
And i will not gasp if a stranger holds out his hand and tries to take me somewhere new.
I will trust him and take the blind leap, cause i know that stranger is you.

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