Saturday 20 February 2016

Poetry 2016 Longlist, Raajdeep Saha

Warden Of Hell

He's a Satan of Hell,
Locked me inside, the iron cell,
Hands tied with cuffs,
His expressions, full of bluff.
My life dwelled,
All my words he rebelled,
Eternal Justice, was all I wanted,
What I got is pain, torture and a place so haunted!
My heart digged out of ribs,
He thought me, of a crib,
My blood flowing through the Stygian flood,
But, still he dragged me to the graveyard through the mud!
Illusions are like a blind man's eye,
Moments to live and moments to die,
Show me some mercy, said I,
You will be cursed Satan, you lied.

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