Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poetry 2015 Longlist, Ruchi Rai

Behind The Smile

You see the face, smile and eyes;
Draws winged liner like a novice.
Her smile? Damn! Eye catching;
Untied long hair is breath taking.
Eyes that possess unignited sparks,
In so many friends' love she basks.
In this world somewhere deep inside-
A whole world she carries and wants to hide!
When the sky pulls the blanket black,
She lets herself in her world back;
A few pegs of wine and whiskey,
Just enough to escape the reality.
When she lets her conscience submerge,
She fights strolling memory lane urge.
Finally gives in and walks down,
In her memories she drown!
The last good bye she wanted to say,
She has rehearsed in a million way.
Inside her, in dark dungeons she meets,
Her scarred ugly dark soul that weeps.
Breathing pain in darkness' solace,
It has given up in life's race.
Trapped inside, stuck in past,
Leaves her in fake robust.
She has silenced her howls and cries,
Pushing herself ahead in constant tries.
Weary inside, pretending outside,
That's why she wants her world to hide.

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